Beauty and women are inseparable. Most women utilize various accessories to enhance their glow as well as boost their self-esteem to the public. Apart from material accessories like necklaces, bracelets or earrings, eyelash extensions have gained the attention of most beauty enthusiasts. These lashes exist in different types in the markets such as silk, synthetic and mink eyelash extensions. Various top celebrities like Beyoncé Knowles and Jennifer Lopez have popularized the use of these extensions.

Things to Know Before Wearing Mink Extensions

Most women rush out to get these extensions without proper knowledge in a bid to look like their favorite celebrities or friends. This may have terrible consequences when the following factors are not taken into consideration.

Seek the Help of an Expert

Using the Do-It-Yourself technique to wear mink eyelash extensions can be dangerous. Please book an lash extensions appointment and make sure to follow general rules. The wrong method of wearing them can lead to various side effects such as spacing between natural and applied lashes, losing natural lashes as well as irritation. Visit salons around your area that have positive reviews on undertaking such techniques.

Patch Test

Different women have a distinct level of sensitivity of lash glue. Using the wrong glue can cause loss or the fall out of natural lashes. The salon you visit ought to conduct a patch test before using any glue.


Upon getting the desired extensions, you need to take proper care of your investment. Make sure that you avoid exposure to water or heat during the first twenty-four hours after getting the lashes. Exposure to such factors may impede the ability of the glue to settle appropriately.

Benefits of Using Mink Extensions


Mink extensions are made from real hair burrows. This gives them a lighter effect, which is more comfortable for the individual wearing them, unlike synthetic extensions. The synthetic extensions comprise of plastic fibers, which makes them heavier than mink eyelash extensions.


Most synthetic lashes in the market can only be utilized for a lesser number of wears unlike the mink ones, which can last for three and half to four weeks. This makes them a worthy expenditure or investment since individuals, who wear synthetic extensions require using new ones to achieve the desired appeal.

Natural Appeal

They possess a natural glow that is hard for synthetic lashes or machines to copy. Their fibers are much lighter and soft, which portrays a fury appeal with a beautiful curl. The naturalness associated with these extensions gives individuals a natural look without raising the attention of onlookers.